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Keith D. Bushey has served in various positions in a variety of law enforcement agencies.  He is also a Marine Corps veteran, having enlisted as a high school dropout on his seventeenth birthday and thirty-nine years retiring from the reserves as a colonel.  He lectures extensively throughout the United States and Canada and is the author of a number of books, booklets and articles. 

The leader with scar tissue has a special perspective that the unblemished will never know...Keith Bushey

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The books authored by Keith Bushey are all 100% accurate, in vignette form, fun (mostly) and easy to read.  However, the contents are not always politically correct and some of those incidents and issues described reflect society and sick people at their worse and may not be suitable for sensitived or easily offended persons.

100% of all revenues from all of Keith Bushey's books is distributed among the City of Hope National Medical Center, Make A Wish Foundation, 
Devil Pups, Inc. and the Desert Refuge for Law Enforcement and the Military.


- Leadership Booklet Series -

All of my booklets, articles and writings may be downloaded, reproduced, and distributed without permission.  Attribution is appreciated.

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